Thank you very much for finding this page, it means you have an active interest in our work and we really appreciate your support.


Many of our projects have had and continue to have individual funding sources tied to them, for example:

School in a bag – The school bags project gets 100% funding from the charity

Adventure Aid – The construction of a primary school at Mahove village for Maasai community was fully funded by the charity.

Ball To All – They fully fund the ball to all children project by supplying all the balls.


Other ongoing projects

However, to achieve many of our goals and to continue to be able to provide out reach support to the Iringa villages we mainly depend on individual well wishers.

It is personal donations and continued support of individuals that have enabled us to run other projects such as drilling wells, school uniforms etc. and will continue to help us succeed in the future.

If you would like to donate, there are various routes. We can accept a direct bank transfer or transactions via Skrill (Similar to Western Union).

Please get in touch with Willhard, President of the Iringa Rural Development Initiative, who will be able to give you more information and details.

If you wanted to help by giving us your time and working directly with us, please take a look at our volunteering page.


Fundraising Events

Be sure to take a look at our fundraising events page. From time to time, either ourselves or ex-volunteers will undertake challenges in return for sponsorship and raise money for our projects. this is a great way to help individuals to reach their goals, challenge themselves and raise money at the same time. In the past we have had people run marathons, undertake the Three Peaks Challenge in the UK and much more, so be sure to take a look.


Thank you for your support.