Past success stories

Here are some examples of projects that we have already completed.


The building of a primary school for Maasai community at Mahove village in Idodi division

This project was completed on 29th June, 2017. It was funded by the UK based charity Adventure Aid.

Work in progress
Locals and volunteers work together
Locals come to celebrate the completion
The school is finished
Everyone is happy


Drilling of a water well at Itagutwa village

The well was completed in November 2016 and is now used by the whole village, not just for water, but as a social meeting point. Funds for the project were donated by Saima Lodhi.

The village enjoys their new well



The building of three classrooms for Itagutwa girls secondary school

The school was completed in 2016 and was funded by individual volunteers coming through Original Volunteers.

Start with the foundations
A lot of rocks to move
Big rocks
Sunsets on a hard days work
Nearly ready
The school is now finished