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Let’s get IRUDI’s car registered


“I had to seek advice from immigration officers about cycling through Charara National Park, the answer was a big NO due to events of people being attacked by elephants and lions. Although that made me feel a little uncomfortable and a few of the dangers I faced suddenly feel a little more real, it wasn’t the animals I feared most, it was the humans.”

This was no ordinary charity cycle ride.

Cycling from Iringa to Johannesburg

A little over a year ago, Willhard Mboglea undertook a fundraising challenge of epic proportions, he decided he was going to cycle from Iringa, where his charity is based, to Johannesburg in South Africa. The route was a little over 3000kms.

The goal of the fundraising was to raise $8000 to purchase a car for IRUDI, a charity that looks helps rural schools with an emphasis on female education.

Unfortunately, while Willhard stoically completed the whole challenge, cycling 7-8 hours a day for more than 25 days in a row (with the exception of the 2 days sleeping in a bush in Zimbabwe as he had no access to money) the fundraising fell slightly short.


Read the full report of Willhard’s epic cycle ride


Thanks for the continued support

Well, that was a little over a year ago and since then Willhard hasn’t stopped.

With a big boost from ex-volunteer Rachel, who braved the shark-infested waters of Sydney Harbour to raise over $1700 Australian Dollars, the target has been reached and IRUDI now own a car.



But there is one more thing

Now here’s the however.

Although IRUDI now has the car, they don’t actually own it, so we need one final push of fundraising to get about £150 to register the car in the charity’s name. Of course, that is just a minimum, more would be gratefully received and will go to help some of the many projects they are undertaking.

And this is where you guys come in.


Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out more about how access to a car takes the support IRUDI gives to another level.


Letter from Willhard

“First and foremost I would to really thank each and every one of you who supported me while cycling to South Africa, It was hard by you made me feel energetic and strong because of your moral and financial support.

We finally got the vehicle from the donated money, a second hand RAV4 ,1999 Edition.

The vehicle has made a huge difference on how quick we reach children in rural areas where it would have taken us ages to reach them but now it’s a hundred times easier.

Everything is in place except one thing, we haven’t changed the ownership from previous owner to IRUDI .

And this is the reason why I decided to write you as a friend to request for some financial support to fully and legally put the vehicle into IRUDI’s hands. The cost for that is 450,000Tshs (£150).

Any amount will be appreciated, thank you in advance.”


It’s Christmas

Well it is Christmas, we can only ask.

So while there is no mad cycle ride this time, dodging lions and sleeping in bushes, please donate anything you can, from £1 to £1000 and toghether finish this massive chapter that will be a gamechanger in IRUDIs history.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmans.

You can donate using the graphic at the top of this page or follow the link here:

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Past Fundraising Challenges


Bondi to Watson’s Bay 10km swim

On the 20th May, Rachel Smylie will be undertaking an epic 10km swim in an effort to raise money and help rural life in the villages around Iringa. Here is what Rachel has to say about her upcoming challenge, how she first discovered IRUDI and how you can donate!

In a moment of madness, I signed up to do the 10km South Head Roughwater ocean swim on the 20th May:


The swim leaves from Bondi Beach and finishes at Watson’s Bay, tracking round Sydney’s infamous headland cliffs into the harbour and is (somewhat worryingly) described as “not for the faint-hearted” – *read “VERY sharky*!!


Quite apart from the distance, this swim is infamous for its tough conditions – strong currents, big waves, jellyfish, and other somewhat larger ocean-dwelling creatures are among the biggest challenges. I’m hoping to complete the swim in under 3 hours, but if conditions are bad, it could take up to 5.


This is a massive personal challenge so it seemed crazy not to use it as a way of raising some much-needed funds for a charity that means a lot to me.


Dan and I spent a couple of months working with Iringa Rural Development Initiative (IRUDI) back in 2011 – a local charity with the goal of improving life in the villages of the wider Iringa community in Tanzania. Our ever-patient families will remember donating money for a new school roof!


This charity is about as local and grass-roots as it gets and its small team undertakes projects such as supplying clean water, building schools and providing education to villages that would otherwise be almost isolated. You can be sure that every penny you donate will make a difference.


Thank you so much for your support – it’s very much appreciated by both me and the whole IRUDI team.

Rachel x


If you would like to learn more or kindly donate to Rachel in the epic (if a little bit crazy in my mind) challenge, please follow the link below.

As always, thank you so much for your continued interest and support, it means the world to us ????????????


Cycling Iringa – Johannesburg – Amount raised £1880 Thank you 🙂

Fundraising Events


We at Iringa Rural Development Initiative are planning to raise funds to buy a simple car for organization’s activities.

Most of the communities we are helping, around 90%, are rural children and women in Iringa, some as far as 150km away from Iringa town. Getting to and from these communities has always been a great challenge.

Most of the time we rely on public transport, although, some of the villages don’t have public transport, therefore making it difficult to get there.

With our own transport, we will be able to reach many places within a short time and at less cost.



IRUDI’s very own President, Willhard, will be cycling 7-8 hours a day, 25 days in a row, to cover 3,084km from Iringa, Tanzania, to Johannesburg in South Africa.



Willhard will start cycling on 1st October and finish on the 25th October and get the flight back on the 29th October. He will cycle from Iringa taking the Zambia route to Harare and finalise his cycling in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The Goal

A second-hand jeep car (Land Cruiser Hard Top/Old model Prado ) or the like, costs around $8,000 if imported or around 10,000,000 -12,000,000 Tanzanian Shilling (tshs) if bought locally from auctioneers.

The cost to cycle for 25 days is 1,900,000tshs; this covers food, accommodation, emergency, cycling equipment as well as flight ticket from South Africa to Tanzania.

The total cost (minimum) of the whole project is 11,900,000tsh ($5,315).